shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Dublin - Wednesday, October 25, 2023

9:00Welcome coffee & registration 
9:30Opening by the master of ceremonies

The Biggest Trends That Will Change Retail Forever
In this engaging presentation, Owen McFeely explores the transformative trends reshaping the retail landscape. From the unstoppable rise of e-commerce and mobile commerce to the power of personalization, AI, and automation, he will delve into the future of retail.
Owen McFeely, Retail and Consumer Consulting Lead PwC Ireland


IKEA's Omnichannel Strategy:
Translating the In-Store Shopping Experience Online

• Overview of IKEA's current omnichannel approach and challenges
• Strategies for translating the in-store shopping experience to online
• Importance of a seamless customer journey across channels
Karen Helweg, Chief Digital Officer at IKEA DK


Coffee Break


Unlock the Potential of Social Listening: Harnessing Social Data to Drive Winning Strategies
• Grasp the fundamentals of social listening
• Analyze the conversations surrounding your brand and products
• Transform social data into a successful strategy
Dr Alan Shaw, Chair of the Retail Institute Special Interest Research Group at Leeds Beckett University
11:45 How Less can be More with Retail Signage
• Investigating the neuroscience behind customer retention
• Analyzing customer data to uncover loyalty patterns
• How to un-loyal your competitors' customers
Dr Joshua Balsters, Neuroscience Director, BASES
12:15Lunch break

Manufacturer Brands vs. Private Label Attitudes
• Understand the fundamentals of brand relevance
• Investigating the emotions underlying brands and private label purchases
• Implications for professionals in products marketing, category management, and branding
Sandra Horvat & 
Morana Fudurić, University of Zagreb


Beyond Personalization: Using Neuroscience to Create Serendipity in the Customer Journey
• The limitations of personalization in the customer experience
• Serendipity as an alternative strategy
• Understanding the neuroscience of serendipity to foster rich, meaningful consumer connections
Matt Johnson, Author of 'The (mostly) hidden ways marketing reshapes our brains' and 'Branding That Means Business'

Coffee Break

15:45Semiotics – The Secret Weapon of Shopper Marketers
• Big brands and retailers are using semiotics to make their sales go up
• You can do semiotics! Practical moves that stimulate shoppers
• How to satisfy emerging needs and the customers of the future.
Dr Rachel Lawes, author of 'Using Semiotics in Retail' and 'Using Semiotics in Marketing'
16:15Business Case: Instore Neuro-Optimization
• How to optimize packaging, shelves, and communication with neuroscience
Speaker to be announced
16:45Wrap-up & Networking Drinks
19:00Conference Dinner
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