shopper brain conference europe
DUBLIN, 25-26 October 2023
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Dublin - Thursday, October 26, 2023

9:00Welcome coffee & registration
9:30Opening by the master of ceremonies

Storytelling: Audiovisual Perception from a Neuroscientific Perspective
• How viewers’ attention is affected by cuts
• How the style of editing affects viewers’ understanding
• Narrative content that manages viewers’ attention
Celia Andreu-Sánchez, Director of Neuro-Com Research Group, Professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Brand Storytelling: How Podcasting, Reals, and TikTok is Changing the Business Message
• How storytelling is changing due to short-form hyper-personalized content
• Brand lessons on telling meaningful stories that build over time
• Content trends and how to re-inspire creativity with it
Speaker to be announced


Coffee Break


CASE STUDY: A New Way to Measure Real-life Shopper Behavior in Store - At Scale
• Data gathered by automated video analysis
• Quantifying the “first moment of truth” across all categories.
• Diving into the data behind all shelf interactions and their impact on the point of sale
Roger Jackson, CEO of Shopper Intelligence
11:45 How to Get the Best Out of Your Eye-Tracking Solutions
In this talk, Tim Holmes will dig deep into one of neuromarketing’s most popular technologies: eye-tracking. He will discuss why a little insight into visual processing in the brain is necessary to get the best results from the many varied solutions available today.
Tim Holmes, Independent eye-tracking consultant, Insights Magazine’s Dr Eye-Tracking
12:15Lunch break

Role of Product Popularity in Consumer Decision Making
• Neural processing of product popularity
• Social vs. quality incentives related to product popularity
• Practical implications of popularity for FMCG’s
Dr. ir. Robert Goedegebure, behavioral scientist, Wageningen University


Attention Measures Inside Out

• New insights in attention research
• Transforming 'attention' into tangible business goals
• Metrics that drive insight and continual improvement
Speaker to be announced

Coffee Break

15:00 How AI Will Shape Retail Practice
The possibilities of AI on personalization, price optimization, customer service, store-layout and product placement
Speaker to be announced
15:30Shopper Behavior Trends of 2024
The conference ends with a presentation on 2024 shopper behavior and its impact on brands and retailers.
16:15Wrap-up & Networking Drinks
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