shopper brain conference
NEW YORK, November 19-21, 2019
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Brand and Shopper Insights: Forces and fear driving promiscuous decision making

Understanding how the context of fear influences the shopper brain and what it means for researchers
Wednesday, November 20, 2pm - Main Stage

Fifty-nine percent of consumers are promiscuous shoppers. Across brand categories, it’s becoming the norm for people to look for new brands and products before considering previously purchased brands. Fear is one key driver of this behavior, alongside other factors such as innovation, expectations and an explosion of product choices. The result is a new kind of decision making, no matter the shopper “group” that an individual inhabits or the product category in which they are shopping. This means that traditional market research must shift from a narcissistic, navel-gazing approach to a methodology that allows us to understand what’s driving these new consumers. It is time for market researchers to change the way we are asking for things.

Join Devora Rogers to hear about new approaches to quantitative research that allow us to tap into subconscious influencers driving this promiscuous shopping behavior. In this presentation she will share proprietary new research conducted by Alter Agents, which will reveal subconscious influencers of brand loyalty (including the impact of fear), emerging need states, and how to thrive in an age of promiscuous consumers.

The key takeaways will be:
  • Examining original research about influencers of brand loyalty and fear-based decision making
  • Understanding the four forces that are driving promiscuous behavior
  • Uncovering how fear motivation is impacting the brains of five core shopper groups
  • Revitalizing your brand equity research with the new reality of the shopper brain, promiscuity and fear-driven behaviors in mind