shopper brain conference
NEW YORK, November 19-21, 2019
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How Mindstate Marketing is Revolutionizing Shopper Insights in Corporate America

Thursday Nov 21, 09:45 am - Main Stage

Now that we’re increasingly aware of why shoppers make the decisions they do, we should shift our role to own the ‘Now what.’ In other words, we should design shopper activations that change their behaviors – a process called Behavioral Design. That, at least, is the opinion of Will Leach, author of the bestseller ‘Marketing to Mindstates: a Practical Field Guide to Applying Behavioral Design to Marketing’.  


Join Will, and learn more about Mindstate Marketing. Find out which new behavioral research and design process is taking corporate America by storm, and discover how you can apply behavioral design to your marketing!


What you will learn:  

  • Why we require a revolution in our ability to directly change shopper behavior

  • The behavior research and design process leading CPG firms use

  • How to optimize shopper activations for the nonconscious