shopper brain conference
SINGAPORE, 29-30 November 2023
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Pre-conference Activities
Tuesday November 28, 2023

9:00Pre-conference Masterclass "Nudge Strategies for Retail Success"
This three-hour masterclass is all about leveraging behavioral science to help you create more effective communication and design in retail. Learn how to use subtle cues, such as color, sound, and placement to influence your shoppers’ decisions in-store. Discover how to use simple language to tap into shoppers’ emotions and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase. With this masterclass, you’ll be able to apply behavioral science to your retail strategies for more successful outcomes. 
  • Analyze how to use data and analytics to create personalized experiences for shoppers
  • Discover how to apply nudging techniques to create a better experience for shoppers
  • Understand the psychology and behavioral science behind customer behavior in the shopping environment
You can add this masterclass to your registration or book it stand-alone for 499 euros.


Wrap-up and end of the sessions


Shopper Brain Conference Goes Shopping!
Pre-conference retail safari 'Shopper Experience Highlights of Singapore'
Join us on a retail safari in Singapore to see the latest shopper innovations. We’ll visit concept stores, innovative leaders, and brands, and get the latest consumer trends from the Asian market. The tour ends with a beautiful dinner, mingling with peers.
You can add the tour to your registration or book it stand-alone for 499 euros.


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